The Two Towers – Book vs Film Review


Hey chaps!

After finishing the book, I watched the 2002 extended version of Peter Jackson’s The Two Towers.

First off, I liked that they didn’t separate the two groups story lines, like they are in the book. It made much more sense for them to be set out chronologically and I would have preferred for the story to be set out the same in the book.

The running! It was like watching an episode of Doctor Who with all that running. It must have been tough enough for the actors playing Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas, but to run with injuries as well! Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) broke his toes kicking an Orc helmet. Orlando Bloom (Legolas) fell off his horse and cracked three ribs, whilst John Rhys-Davies’ (Gimli) scale double Brett Beattie dislocated his knee.

How dishy is Eomer!? I don’t know, maybe its all the Game of Thrones I have been watching but there’s just something about a man in amour I find irresistible. Luckily there’s a lot of amour on a lot of attractive men in this film, unfortunately, a lot of them do get killed. 😦

I’m not totally sure if he was supposed to be like that, but Gollum is weirdly comedic. I did laugh a bit when they tried to give Gollum lembas bread. Also, the conversation between who Sam calls ‘Slinker’ and ‘Stinker’ is actually quite funny and disturbing all at the same time. Stinker: ‘You don’t have any friends! Nobody likes you!’ Slinker: ‘Not listening. Not listening.’ *covers ears like a three year old*

I must say, Gandalf’s new white hair really makes his eyes pop.

Picture from:

The whole film had a sense of urgency and drama to it, I didn’t really feel that from the book. The scene with Théoden in Edoras was much more dramatic in the film. Though, research told me that was because in the film Théoden was possessed by Saruman rather than merely corrupted by Wormtounge so Gandalf had to take more drastic action to heal the King.

Finally I know why Boromir wanted the Ring when everyone else had decided that it was evil. He was urged by his father to get the Ring to protect Gondor. Originally, I had disliked Boromir for trying to hinder Frodo on his quest, but now I understand why he did it and I will cease saying anything bad about him. He does look mighty fine in that armour though…

Jackson did well with this book, and in my opinion, it improved as it made it to the big screen. I have actually preferred watching the film to reading the book and I never thought I’d say that about anything. I think, because the way the film was put together, you get much more of a sense that war is coming. So this time, the film wins.

Next Time: The Return of the King by J.R.R Tolkein – Book Five: Chapters 1 to 10


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