The Return of the King by J.R.R Tolkein – Book Five: Chapters 1 to 10 Book Review


Hey chaps!

So I’m halfway through Return of the King and it’s been a much better read than Two Towers. I didn’t want to put the book down, I haven’t felt like that in a while about a book. I wanted to keep on but unfortunately tiredness was my enemy and stopped me from reading any further.

Book five flips between Merry, in Rohan, and Pippin, in Minas Tirith, as they prepare for war. The whole Company (except Frodo and Sam) meet up and then go to the Black Gate to fight the army of Mordor. The way this book was set out really helped the build up toward the battle on Pelennor Fields, I thought. There was a real sense of unity that I liked of all the armies coming together against Mordor. I could really feel the build up to a crescendo when reading.

I had no idea that Dernhelm was in fact Eowyn, and to slay the With King! You go girrrrrrrll!! It completely passed me, but I suppose it’s probably supposed to. I got a bit upset when they thought she was dead. I read very quickly that night, I needed to know that she wasn’t.

I like now that Aragorn is being more and more kingly, especially in the battlefield. He’s proving himself a true leader because he knows that it’s important.

Not really much else to say about this half, only that it’s made me more hopeful for book six and I’m actually excited to read to the end now.

Next Time: The Return of the King by J.R.R Tolkein – Book Six: Chapters 1 to 9 (the end!)


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