The Return of the King by J.R.R Tolkein – Book Six: Chapters 1 to 9 Book Review


Hey chaps!

Finally finished The Return of the King. I read Book Six in only a few hours, found it difficult to put down.

In the first three chapters of Book Six, Frodo and Sam finally destroy the Ring in Mount Doom and kill Gollum in the process. The rest of the book continues from where book five left off when the eagles came.

It was quite refreshing reading the romance between Faramir and Eowyn. It was like something straight out of an Jane Austen novel. I did find it rather odd that there was little of romance in the books. There’s Aragorn and Arwen, but their relationship isn’t really explored in the main books. It’s in the Appendices, but I haven’t read those yet.

I liked how, especially at the end, it became less Frodo’s story and more Sam’s story. Sam’s the real hero of the story in my opinion, and he is may favourite character of the whole series. I was truly amazed at his bravery, and how much he sacrificed for Frodo. He gave Frodo food and didn’t even eat anything himself. He really loved Frodo, even so much as to carry him even when he was just as weary.

I certainly was not expecting Saruman to be in the Shire. Gandlaf kept warning that he could still have a trick up his sleeve, when they found him in the wilderness, but I didn’t think that Saruman would actually do something and I never thought that Sharkey was actually Saruman! I found myself actually getting angry when they had pulled down the Party tree, and I did like how the hobbits handled the ruffians. Though out of all the people in the series to kill Saruman I would have put money on Wormtongue.

As a series it’s definitely now one of my favourites, and this book is much much better than Two Towers. I know for certain that I will read this again, and will definitely be getting my hands on the Silmarillion and any other companion books soon to broaden my knowledge of Middle Earth.

Next Time: The Return of the King – Book vs Film


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