The Return of the King – Book vs Film Review


Hey chaps!

I watched 2003 extended version Peter Jackson’s Return of the King. It was over 4 hours long!!

I find myself saying ‘That’s not in the third book’ a lot. They climb the stairs in the second book, Shelob is in the second book, but they’re both in this film, but that’s because there’s only three chapters in the Return of the King that are about Frodo and Sam. So if they’d just used those chapters only, there wouldn’t have been much of them in the film.

Saruman dies earlier than he should in the films. Which is a pity, because I was quite looking forward to him becoming ‘Sharkey’ (which comes from the Orcish for old man) and the hobbits giving the ‘ruffians’ the what for back in the Shire.

Since when was Sloth in this and why does he walk like the butler in Scary Movie 2? Good to see he got some work after The Goonies, though. I can just hear him marching into Minas Tirith shouting ‘Hey you guys!’ Unfortunately there are no chubby kids to offer you Baby Ruths in Middle Earth. 😦

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Frodo being a total dick here. Yeah, yeah he was under the influence of the Ring, but there was just no need Frodo. No need!

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When Eowyn kills the Witch King!! Go Eowyn!! (and Merry) Eowyn is now definitely my favourite woman of the book, even though the whole thing with Aragorn was totally annoying. If he’d been straight up and said ‘Nahh love, got meself a bird. Not interested’, a lot of awkward staring could have been saved there.

How the hell did the hobbits get so good at fighting? I’m not sure I can believe that Sam, probably somewhere about 3ft could take down three massive Orcs while trying to find Frodo, but somehow he did! Also, Merry and Pippin probably racked up quite the kill count in the war. I mean they’re so tiny and would probably have had little fighting experience in the Shire. It confuses me so much, since logic says to me that they would have been killed instantly since the Uruk-hai are much much stronger.

I must say that it’s not bad considering that Sam and Frodo went all that way, did what they did, destroyed the Ring and all Frodo lost was a finger. Just a finger to save Middle Earth? I’d say that was a bargain.

All I’m saying is when in doubt, eagles.

Aragorn is crowned, reunites with Arwen. The hobbits get back to the Shire and Sam marries Rosie. It’s such a happy ending. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. I promised myself I wouldn’t *sob* cry. *tears fall endlessly*

In terms of how this film compares to the book, I think Jackson did it justice. Yeah, there were a few things in the film that weren’t in the book, but the film is still spectacular nonetheless. If I had to choose between the book and the film, I don’t think I could, but definitely leaning towards the film. Is that because most of the actors are oh so handsome? Maybe it is.

If I had to sum it all up in one word, that word would be ‘Wow.’ The film itself is amazing, the trilogy is just phenomenal and it’s one of the best book adaptations I have ever seen. (Second only to Game of Thrones, but that’s not for here.)

Overall, 10 out 10 for everything and if you haven’t seen them yet, or read the books, what’s wrong with you?! GO DO IT NOW!!

The end!

Next Time: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


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