The Fault in Our Stars by John Green Book Review

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So I have literally just finished this book, and it only took me a whole day to do so. First thoughts? I’m sad. Very very sad. I should say now that this post will be full of spoilers so if you’ve not read it, go do it now. I urge you, read this book.

I avoided this book for a while after it came out, despite the raving reviews from everyone who had read it. I didn’t know why anyone would want to read a book about a girl with cancer, I thought it would be too depressing. I don’t even like reading books about normal people, even the cancer free ones.

So why am I sad? Well I spent the whole day on a journey with Hazel Grace, living her life for just a few hours. I found out what it’s like to live with cancer as a teenager. Also, I fell in love. I fell with Hazel head over heels for Augustus Waters, a boy who made her life full of pain a little more bearable. I went to Amsterdam with them and met her idol. I suffered through the deterioration of Gus’s condition, and his death. I grieved with her for him, I cried with her.

Hazel mentions in the book about how some cancer patients have to live with uncertainty all their lives. I felt that sense of uncertainty was really clear in this book. There’s these two kids with cancer and they’re in love. I knew from the start that someone was going to die, but who? You almost don’t want to invest yourself too much into these people because they may die (Believe me, after reading A Song of Ice and Fire, I’ve learnt my lesson). But you do anyway, you start to care for them, you want them to be happy and live well, but a little voice in the back of your mind says they won’t.

I guessed early on that Gus would be the one to go, but pushed myself into denial for Hazel’s sake. But as Gus deteriorated very rapidly, the tears flowed. I knew his time had come, but I was still in denial. I always thought that death was a bit like making toast, waiting for it to pop up. You know it’s going to happen, but it always seems to surprise you when it does.

To be honest, when reading this book I got what I expected. A girl with cancer trying to live her last days the best she can before she dies. That’s normally how it goes. But this was so much more and I thank John Green for writing it so well. It was not too depressing for me, yeah I cried but I can deal with that. I really loved this book. It took me on a journey that to be honest that I never want to go on myself. I definitely will be looking out for more of John Green’s books now.

Also, it’s my birthday! I’m 21 today!

P.S forgot to put in my initial publish that for next week I thought I’d go for something completely different and read American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis!


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