Death Day by Shaun Hutson Book Review

I’m not normally into horror as a genre, but I was given this book and who am I to turn down free books? So I thought, why not read it? The phrase ‘Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it’ comes to mind. I thought I should read it before I dismiss horror fiction completely. I knew that Shaun Hutson was a good writer, I’d had lots of recommendation for others who had said that his books are good and Death Day was no exception.

Death Day by Shaun Hutson is set in the fictional town of Medworth. The main character, Inspector Lambert is in charge of investigating a series of killings in his small town committed by a man possessed by an ancient medallion.

I actually really enjoyed this book. It may just be actual horror films I’m not a fan of. What makes horror films most scary is often just the music that goes with it. The musical score of the can affect how you feel while watching. Obviously books don’t come with a soundtrack, so it can’t manipulate your feelings in such a way.

I always thought that horror fiction wouldn’t be able to scare me in the same way, but it scares you on a different level. Instead of just jump scaring you like many films do nowadays, it uses your imagination to put you in the situation, to make you feel what the character is feeling and you find yourself all the more scared. I wasn’t really scared at any point, my heart was racing a few times, but it won’t be keeping me up at night.

I liked how just before each of the people were killed, you got a little glimpse of their life just before. Just before the killer, Ray Mackenzie, kills Emma Reece you get a little bit about her life with her husband. You can relate to her on a human level. When someone dies in a book, sometimes you almost don’t care that it happens, like their death doesn’t matter, it’s just words on a page. But in reminding the readers that Mackenzie’s victims have a life, the death becomes all the more upsetting. That’s not to mention the gruesome way Mackenzie kills his victims, by strangling them or cutting them up and then gouging out their eyes.

I do feel like this book could have done without the graphic sex scenes. It didn’t really add much to the story in my opinion. I didn’t need to know how hard he grabbed her boob or the exact moment of penetration. Maybe have them kissing and then cut to them cuddling in bed. I don’t need the middle bit, I get the gist of it. But that’s the only problem I had with it, not the gore. I can deal with the gore.

I definitely will be looking for some more horror books, I’ve not been scared away this time! Death Day gets a thumbs up from me and you should read it!

Next week I will be reading a Red Dwarf book Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers by Grant Naylor!


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