The Silence of Gethsemane by Michel Benoit Book Review

Picture from’m a big fan of historical fiction. I’ve loved history ever since a child and combining that with fiction makes for some of my favourite reading. I feel like you can really learn a lot more about the past from these types of books more so than history textbooks. You can read about it in the non-fiction books, but you get to live it in the fiction and find out what it was really like.

The man that is Jesus Christ is one that has fascinated millions around the globe and I am no exception. He may have existed, but I do not think he was in any way the ‘Son of God’. I suppose what drew me to this book is that no one will ever truly know if Jesus, or even God, existed and what he was like. So someone offering heir interpretation of what Jesus may have been like is something I want to read.

In Jesus’s time, anything that could not be explained was often attributed to God. The gaps in scientific knowledge were at their biggest. So in this book I liked that there was an explanation for the healings. It was kind of implied that the people that he healed were suffering to an extent with psychosomatic disorders. They were healed because they willed themselves to be healed, with a sort of placebo effect. It’s something that I always wondered how it was done, and also the extent to which the people misinterpreted it as God’s will.

At times it read more like an auto biography. I was expecting more dialogue, rather than a retelling of it from the narrator. The way it was written made it better to really understand Jewish society which I never realised how complicated it was. Also, it really gave the feel that Jesus was just a man, nothing more.

It was not what I expected, but nevertheless I liked the book. It certainly made me understand Jesus more than I did before and how he changed religion. For the better? Who knows.

Next week I’ll be reviewing The Man In The High Castle by Philip K. Dick.


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