Make Me by Lee Child Book Review

When choosing the next book to read, I’m sad to say that not much thinking goes into it really. I mostly just sit in front of my bookshelf until something jumps out at me. This time I decided to get some outside help and have someone else tell me what books are good.
I checked out the WH Smith (one of the biggest book shops in the UK) fiction book chart, looked the top 10 and what jumped out at me was the newest Jack Reacher thriller.


Now I’ve never been a fan of thrillers. It wasn’t a genre I felt drawn to in the same way I am with fantasy. But I’d heard a lot about these books and I could recall a film being made a while ago so I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

Make Me is about Jack Reacher, an ex Major in the US Military who after quitting wanders the United States investigating various suspicious and dangerous occurrences. It’s actually the 20th book in the series. Maybe I shouldn’t have started with the 20th book, but at least there’s more of him to read while I wait for the next one!

First impression is that it’s very readable. I found it easy to dip in and out, which made it good to read at work between calls. Even if I left a while between chapters I didn’t feel like I was lost when picking it up again.

I found Jack Reacher to be extremely likeable. His direct manner and slight paranoia made him really fun to read. I tend to like my detectives on the unconventional side (Sherlock, Richard Castle) and he is definitely that! I’m not really sure how to be a detective but Reacher’s methods always seemed a bit off as most of his detective work is based on assumption. What ever happened to ‘When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME’?

I imagined him more like Vanilla Sky Tom and less like Top Gun Tom.

I imagined him more like Vanilla Sky Tom and less like Top Gun Tom.

When reading a book, I often like to imagine actors in the place of the characters. Otherwise they’re just a faceless body with my voice. If I imagine actual actors that I know well, I can really imagine their voice and emotions and facial expressions. If there’s been a film, I use the actors that portrayed the characters and since there has been a Jack Reacher film, I imagined Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. For people that don’t have a movie counterpart, I just pick an actor that suits their description best, so for Michelle Chang, I imagined her as Lucy Liu.

The beautiful Lucy Liu kicking ass as Michelle.

The beautiful Lucy Liu kicking ass as Michelle.

One thing I did not like about this book and in fact what I hate about all books is fight scenes. I just detest reading long fight scenes. I always try and read them slowly and do my best to follow but I just end up getting lost somewhere and just give up.
Stupidly while skipping one of these fight scenes I missed Jack sustaining an injury to the side of his head which bruised his brain. It starts to affect him in a bad way and I can’t stand not knowing what happened to him. Come on Lee, I NEED to know if Jack’s going to be okay!

As I said I’m not much of thriller fan, so I can’t make a judgement as to whether this is indeed a good thriller. All I can say is that Make Me is a fantastically well written book with a gripping story. Jack Reacher is one of the best characters that I’ve ever had the pleasure to read and I’ll definitely be going on more adventures with Mr Reacher!


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