Red Clocks by Leni Zumas Book Review

red clocksI had seen this book everywhere on Instagram and Twitter and really liked the premise. Despite them scaring the bejesus out of me, I really like dystopian novels and this one sounded excellent.

Just by chance I logged back into my Netgalley account one day and lo and behold, it was there! I was so excited to read this I requested it immediately. When my request was accepted, I was so so happy. I read it straight away.

I love love love the cover design. It’s so simple and it’s just diamonds but you know exactly what it’s supposed to represent. I also like the trend in book design at the minute for hand written font. I like the raw and organic feel it gives to a books design.

In this world abortion is illegal and women are sent to prison for murder even for just asking for an abortion. Women try to cross the border to Canada for terminations, only to find they’re arrested and tried in their home state for murder.

Red Clocks is about five women and how their lives are affected by this change.

Ro (The Biographer), a single high-school teacher, is trying to have a baby on her own, while also writing a biography of Eivør (The Explorer), a little-known 19th-century female polar explorer. Susan (The Wife) is a frustrated mother of two, trapped in a crumbling marriage. Mattie (The Daughter) is the adopted daughter of doting parents and one of Ro’s best students, who finds herself pregnant with nowhere to turn. And Gin (the Mender) is the gifted, forest-dwelling homeopath, or “mender,” who brings all their fates together when she’s arrested and put on trial in a frenzied modern-day witch hunt.

As the novels go on, their lives become connected. But this is five out of over 100 million women in America. You could probably write hundreds of books set in this world. The life of every single woman is affected. Even to the point that single women wouldn’t be able to go adopt or go through IVF. Is it any better for children to have two parents?

It’s different to other dystopian novels in that it’s not too far from where we are now. It’s not like The Handmaid’s Tale or The Power, where everything is completely different, where some supernatural phenomenon or war has changed society. In making abortion illegal it affects everyones lives in a new way. Their choice, their rights to their bodies was taken away from them. It’s a scary world, a slippery slope that would lead to a world like The Handmaid’s Tale.

A truly chilling warning and one world I hope to never be a part of.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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